About us

We are the largest, purely Czech agency, focused on promoters and hostesses. We cater to the needs and ideas of our clients. We professionally represent the client’s brand or industry in various locations and provide detailed information about the client’s portfolio. Thanks to the stored history of all the events we have done, we are able to send the most suitable promoter or hostess for each new campaign.

On the CZ/ SK market

As the time went by

We're growing and expanding

We are still growing in 2023. We are gradually expanding our team to include sales representatives and executives, and the most needed, recruiters. We provide a large number of hostesses and promoters for Majals, UEFA Conference League Finals in Prague and other selected events. We are working on fine-tuning the website and establishing cooperation with the Advanto platform, through which hostesses and promoters receive their salaries within two days after the event/shift.


The start of something new

Since January 1, 2022, we have been operating in the Czech Republic under the new company PROSPECTORS s.r.o., but the trademark is still PROMOTERI.EU. Thanks to our regular clients, we have managed not only to overcome the covid period, but also to prosper and grow again. Our hostesses and promoters have been seen all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia again!


A New Hope

The year 2021 was very challenging for everyone. The global COVID pandemic, and the associated government measures, has in many cases had a fatal impact on the service sector. We were unfortunately also affected, and so we were forced to change our ownership structure and start fighting again with a new hope, that in the coming months everything will return to normal and we will be able to fully meet the needs of our clients again.


PromoNow app completed

The year 2020 will be remembered by most as the year of COVID, but for us it was a turning point due to the completion of the PromoNow mobile app, which will primarily serve promoters and hostesses, but it will also benefit us and our clients. Our database contains more than 21,500 contacts now.


Achieving 97% occupancy rate

We do our best for the satisfaction of our clients, so we want their events to be as good as possible. We have managed to keep the occupancy rate at 97% at the events and are aiming even higher. The database has over 18,500 Brigade members now, and we’ve reached over 2,000 followers on Instagram. Also managed to acquire a programmer who, in cooperation with Court of Moravia, is working on an app for our hostesses and promoters.


Interesting partnerships

We have established new partnerships with the GrowJOB Institute, Majáles and ISIC, the Mavimi project or Aliance pro mladé, and also have deepened our cooperation with Court of Moravia and continued to cooperate with Profesia or the QuickJobs application. Thanks to these aspects, we have become even more visible in society, and our database has already exceeded 16,000 collaborators.


System and community growth

We have migrated to a single fully online system to manage all our contracts and people. It contains all the systems we have used separately so far, which makes us faster, cheaper, more accurate and simply more efficient! The number of profiles of our associates in the database has exceeded 14,500 and the Facebook page has 3,500 fans.


Company car fleet

Our fleet grew by four vehicles and we repainted all of them into our company colours. Thanks to the van, we are now able to transport more and bulkier promo materials. Last year we launched a new interface to our merchandising system and this year we added a chat interface – connecting clients to merchandisers faster.


Change of corporate identity

The degree of professionalisation of promoters and hostesses is expressed by coloured badges. We have changed our corporate identity, including a redesign of the website and logo, and moved to new offices. Introduced new CRM and opened the position of Qualitymanager. We are now also working for Western Digital and 3D Vision.


We have introduced KPI criteria

Promoters and hostesses in our agency have clearly defined and measurable KPI criteria for which they earn points. Our Facebook community has surpassed 2,000 fans. We have acquired new clients (OC Palladium, Mladá Fronta, Panasonic, Brother, KasperskyLab)