Build your brand’s experience economy. Customers are most influenced by their own experience, so convey the positive emotion evoked by the taste of your products.
Experience economy of your brand
Comprehensive political marketing solutions
Temporary workers for kebab and gyros stands
Providing helpers for construction, dismantling, etc.
complete staffing of food and beverage booths at events
Providing staff for the position of debaras and others
Help with promotional materials
Production of event furniture
Professional Video & Production
Varied and interesting selection at any time
Show your great
product to everyone
On-line & direct
human contact
We only have
one health after all
Varied range of rental options
We can store anything,
Targeted & effective
sales promotion
An effective communication tool
We'll help you achieve the power of voice
Turnkey event
from start to finish
Experience economy of your brand
We offer promoters & hostesses

Main information about the service

Build your brand’s experience economy. Customers are most influenced by their own experience, so convey the positive emotion evoked by the taste of your products, which is stored in the subconscious of customers. Let us instantly increase your sales on tasting days, get your products closer to your store staff and support your long-term brand building and sales this way.

We provide promoters and hostesses with relevant qualifications and experience for tasting days, who have had training in sales skills and product knowledge, so they will promote and raise the profile of your product. In addition to staffing, we can also arrange venues for you in stores, public places or anywhere else.

We have years of experience and over 20,000 contacts in our database, which are handled by our own HR department. This makes our reach really extensive. We operate all over the Czech Republic, Slovakia and we also carry out events abroad, which is helped by the unique systems we have developed within the framework of projects from the European Union.

Tastings will be provide you with:

  • personal contact with customers and presentation of new products;
  • Increased sales volume and building customer loyalty;
  • increase in brand awareness and sales;
  • effective presentation through direct communication with the customer;
  • new customers who do not have to look for you.

If you are still undecided, take a look at these case studies:

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How much would it cost you to increase sales? Get new customers? To bite off a piece of the competition’s market? Have representative hostesses or promoters anywhere in the Czech Republic or Slovakia?

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