Professional hostesses and promoters for sporting events
Professional hostesses and promoters for sporting events
Comprehensive political marketing solutions
Temporary workers for kebab and gyros stands
Providing helpers for construction, dismantling, etc.
complete staffing of food and beverage booths at events
Providing staff for the position of debaras and others
Help with promotional materials
Production of event furniture
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Varied and interesting selection at any time
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product to everyone
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human contact
We only have
one health after all
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sales promotion
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Turnkey event
from start to finish
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Main information about the service

Professional hostesses and promoters for your sports events
Are you planning to host a sporting event and need reliable staff to ensure your event runs smoothly? Whether you are organizing an international marathon, a prestigious cycling race or any other major sporting event, we can provide you with a quality team of temporary staff.

How it realistically works:

  • send us a request for staffing – number of temps, hours, location, special requirements, etc.
  • we will prepare a quotation for you and, once approved, get to work
  • we select, interview and deliver the temporary staff to the site
  • we select verified temporary workers with experience
  • if necessary, we will provide online/offline training, prepare tests and share all materials
    for larger numbers of temporary workers, we will ensure on-site coordination

Why choose us?

  • we have hundreds of trained and proven temps that we are not afraid to use
    you don’t have to worry about anything, just send us your requirements and we will staff them accordingly
  • thanks to our professional and reliable team we save you time and effort
  • we are flexible, we adapt to your specific needs and requirements
  • to send us your request, please fill in the request form with all the necessary information. Once submitted, we will contact you by phone to outline the next steps and fill in any missing information.

It’s simple:



How much would it cost you to increase sales? Get new customers? To bite off a piece of the competition’s market? Have representative hostesses or promoters anywhere in the Czechia or Slovakia?

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