A revolutionary way to promote sales and showcase your goods or services. Try an innovative product that works.
On-line & direct
human contact
Providing staff for the position of debaras and others
Help with promotional materials
Production of event furniture
Professional Video & Production
Varied and interesting selection at any time
Show your great
product to everyone
On-line & direct
human contact
We only have
one health after all
Varied range of rental options
We can store anything,
Targeted & effective
sales promotion
An effective communication tool
We'll help you achieve the power of voice
Turnkey event
from start to finish
Experience economy of your brand
We offer promoters & hostesses

Main information about the service

Human contact online? It’s here!

What we offer:

  • As soon as a visitor arrives in your product section, in any online environment where we implement the service, our ePromoter will appear live in a video and audio window to greet and offer his assistance in the selection process.
  • This turns a passive chatbot to an active sales person on the internet. That’s why this solution is revolutionary. We are delivering what online shops have been missing. A live ePromoter.
  • As of February 2021, the disadvantage of an impersonal approach with no human touch ends for eshops!
  • The advantage of the human touch combined with the absolute measurement of online makes the service an atomic weapon among online sales tools.
  • The question is not IF e-commerce will implement it, but WHEN.
  • Also increase sales and quality of service, including customer care, in physical stores. Place QR codes in a given product section and give customers an easy way to get in touch with a specialist who can help them with their product selection.

Our service includes:

  • ePromoters – we’ll find the right person for you, train them and regularly report on their performance. This can also be your specialist.
  • Absolute reporting – how long did the conversation last, how many people did the promoter speak to and from where, from when to when was the promoter online, did it result in a sale? No problem. Metrics and analytics are part of the service.
  • Multi-channel communication – communication with the customer takes place on different channels. ptions are video, chat, email, WhatsApp or phone calls.
  • Endless connectivity – connecting your website, social networks and 50 different e-shops with one ePromoter? No problem!
  • Complete turnkey solution – we will process the requirements, arrange implementation with your partner, select the ePromoters and send regular reporting.

Presentations can be viewed HERE.


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How much would it cost you to increase sales? Get new customers? To bite off a piece of the competition’s market? Have representative hostesses or promoters anywhere in the Czech Republic or Slovakia?

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