Clothing rental

Over the years of preparation and implementation of many events, we have gradually enriched our warehouses with the necessary clothing, which is now waiting for further use, perhaps with you.
Varied and interesting selection at any time
Providing staff for the position of debaras and others
Help with promotional materials
Production of event furniture
Professional Video & Production
Varied and interesting selection at any time
Show your great
product to everyone
On-line & direct
human contact
We only have
one health after all
Varied range of rental options
We can store anything,
Targeted & effective
sales promotion
An effective communication tool
We'll help you achieve the power of voice
Turnkey event
from start to finish
Experience economy of your brand
We offer promoters & hostesses

Main information about the service

In addition to the rental of promo equipment, we also offer a clothing rental service that will make the hostesses and promoters look exactly as you want them to. We own a range of fashionable pieces from scarves, t-shirts, sweatshirts, vests, trousers, skirts, dresses, suits to trainers or pumps. Contact us with your enquiry and we will take care of the look of the hostesses and promoters.


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How much would it cost you to increase sales? Get new customers? To bite off a piece of the competition’s market? Have representative hostesses or promoters anywhere in the Czech Republic or Slovakia?

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