Opinions of hostesses & promoters

We are happy to have a number of important partners working with us, but also people who work alongside us. Thank you!

Dita Baránková

I have been working with Promoteri.eu occasionally since 2013. I have never had a problem with them with communication, coordinators’ behaviour or with my payout for the work done. This agency is one of the few that I really enjoy working with.


Radek Shejbal

Thanks to the cooperation with Promoteri.eu I have learned and understood a lot of things. The advantage of this job is that it doesn’t require special skills and it teaches you everything. You just need to be attentive and observant.


Lucie Trusinová

As a hostess, I am happy to work with a professional agency like Promoteri.eu. All the promotional events, in which I like to participate, are going on great and I always take away interesting experiences from them.


Karolína Hrubá

Excellent organisation of events, friendly environment in which you feel the individual approach and I also like the variety of work offered. I am glad that I can work with Promoterie.eu and I am satisfied with them.


Patrik Cucor

I was very happy to have the opportunity to work as a promoter for Promoteri.eu agency. After a while I even received a job offer as an event coordinator. Thanks to my work experience, I can confirm that Promotéri.eu is one of the flagship agencies on the market.


Iveta Nácovská

I was looking for a quality and reliable hostess agency. Therefore, I have stayed with this company and we have been cooperating with each other for more than six years. Every time I work for them, all is at a professional level.