Samsung is a leader in electronics, and we have been tasked with raising awareness of the Samsung brand and helping to raise awareness of new technologies.

Year of realization

Q2 / 2012

Realization time

2 months

Type of service

Roadshow & flyers

Scope of service

Czechia & Slovakia

Addressed people

100,000 people

Campaign effect

Profit + 350%


The requirement was to create a stable team that will go around the whole Czech Republic in 2 months and also stop in Bratislava. The team consisted of 2 professional moderators, 2 professional consultants and hostesses. A necessary part was the complete provision from training, through branding, distribution of materials, to regular reporting.

Final result

We informed about 100,000 people about new Samsung technologies and competitive advantages. We distributed 80,000 information leaflets and brochures. Our promoters have improved the perception of Samsung by the general public.

Client's statement

“The agency is characterized by professionalism, flexibility, a pro-customer approach and a high knowledge of technology. This combination of positive features has enabled us to reach a large number of consumers with positive feedback on our sophisticated products.”

David Vaculík