Rudolf Jelinek is a Czech company with more than 400 years of tradition. The company specializes in the production of fruit and herbal spirits, liqueurs and cognacs from quality ingredients such as fruit, herbs, spices and wine. The company exports its products to many countries around the world and the company is one of the most important producers of spirits in the country. Our task was to increase awareness of the brand, products and increase sales.

Year of realization


Realization time


Type of service


Scope of service

Czechia & Slovakia

Addressed people

+100 000

Campaign effect

Raise awareness


The aim of the contract was to increase brand awareness, product awareness and also to increase sales.
Therefore, we had to provide a quality promotional team who presented Rudolf Jelínek at selected locations and tried to reach as many customers as possible. We also needed to provide mascots, design suits, costumes and create a unique brand stand.
The job also included searching for business opportunities.

Final result

We managed to organize more than 350 events with more than 800 hostesses who distributed more than 100,000 shots of R. Jelinek products and achieved visibility with 150,000 people.

Client's statement

“Out-of-the-box ideas combined with enthusiasm and the appropriate technical background give a clear edge over the competition. When I put myself in their hands, I am always pleasantly surprised and delighted by what they come up with for me.”

Mirek Motyčka, Sales & Marketing Director