Microsoft is a technology company that specialises in the development, manufacture and sale of software, hardware and other information technology products and services. As part of the collaboration, we were tasked with getting the word out about the new Windows 7 OS.

Year of realization


Realization time

2 months

Type of service


Scope of service

CZE & Slovakia

Addressed people

+100 000 people

Campaign effect

Increase reputation


Microsoft needed to inform the general public about Windows 7 OS and add-ons (MS Office, hardware products).
The aim was to improve the reputation after Windows Vista. We prepared a roadshow with a stable team of 2 presenters,
2 consultants and hostesses. During 2 months we visited dozens of cities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Final result

Thanks to our promoters, we have improved the perception of Microsoft by the general public, especially the reputation after the failed release of the Windows Vista operating system. We informed over 100,000 people about the new Windows 7, its add-ons and its benefits. We also distributed over 70,000 information leaflets.

Client's statement