Karlovarské minerální vody

Karlovy Vary Mineral Waters is a Czech company specializing in the production of mineral waters, lemonades and other beverages. They are produced from natural resources in the Czech Republic and distributed to more than 30 countries. Our task was to launch a new flavour of Granini juices.

Year of realization


Realization time


Type of service


Scope of service


Addressed people

+100 000

Campaign effect

Provide promo team


The aim of the campaign for Karlovy Vary Mineral Waters was to create all the necessary documents for the launch of the new Granini juice flavour.

The subject of the contract were:
* graphic design, material selection and dress fitting for the hostess team.
* graphic design, construction and implementation of a branded shopping cart
* graphic design and realization of shelf rails, flyers, posters, magnets
* arranging tastings at 3 chains, 56 stores

Final result

We managed to carry out a total of 140 promotional tastings of Granini juices at all three chains – Billa, Globus, Ahold. We thus met the required target of tastings in a total of 56 stores in the Czech Republic.

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