Epson is best known for its inkjet printers, which are popular for their print quality and low printing costs. They approached us with product sales support, but also with merchandising.

Year of realization

2018 - present

Realization time

Still continues

Type of service

Event & Sales promo

Scope of service

Czechia & Slovakia

Addressed people

+1 000 000 people

Campaign effect

Increase in sales


The aim of the contract was to directly support sales in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and to take care of the company’s regular customers. In this context, we were responsible for providing promoters and ambassadors, their training, production of promo clothing and POS materials, including complete merchandising at all electrical chains in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Final result

From August 2018 until now, we have been running a sales promotion campaign in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with a total turnover of over several tens of millions.

One of our biggest successes has been in the Slovak market, where we have managed to grow by more than 30% in each month. In 3 months the growth was 106.3%.

Client's statement

At Epson, we have a number of projects where we want to significantly increase both sales results and brand awareness. We are able to achieve this thanks to, which is working at a high professional level, both on the part of the management and the individual promoters.

Marcel Divín