Můj Obchod is officially open - News

Můj Obchod is officially open

As part of our cooperation with Makro, our hostesses took part in the opening of Můj Obchod stores this year. The first opening was in Moravská Třebová, the second opening took place in Dolní Domaslavice and the last grand opening took place in Pardubice, when it was the 600th anniversary opening of the store in the Czech Republic! There were also two conferences with suppliers of this chain, where the help of our hostesses was also needed.

The job of the hostesses consisted of assisting with the ribbon cutting ceremony, preparing and then handing out tastings, distributing leaflets and inviting people to visit the store. At conferences, hostesses were responsible for greeting and navigating visitors, helping to prepare drinks and snacks, or working in the cloakroom.

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